How to Convince Someone Who Isn’t a Disney Fanatic to Go to Disney

Do you have any friends who dislike Disney? I think I can convince them otherwise.

I know, someone who doesn’t like Disney? It seems impossible, but they do exist. In fact a friend of mine said “If I was given a free trip to Hawaii and I was never able to go to Disney again, I’d take it”.

So how do you get your friends who don’t want to go to Disney to want to go to Disney?

Now, I’m not saying you should force people to do what they don’t want to do. But my group of friends (more accurately my boyfriends; I have about 2 friends. Hi guys, love you) has 3 Disney fanatics, not including myself, a bunch of people who are impartial, and two who genuinely don’t care for it.

So what happens when your friend group is pushing a Disney trip but only about 1/3 of them genuinely want to go?

2019 was the first time I had been to Disney in 20 years. Naturally, I asked everyone for advice on what to do and where to go. You can see my suggestions for that here.

I got a huge mix of ideas from people, ranging from the best bathrooms to use, the best place to get water—you can get my answer to that here—and a huge insistence that I need everything Micky-shaped.

And I think that’s the problem with my friends. They have these people insisting that they have to go to character brunches and have expensive Mickey-shaped pretzels to enjoy their time.

But that’s not what I did at all.

So here’s how I’d like to propose a Disney vacation instead.

Boo Bash

If you’re a fan of the rides my favourites are probably Snow White’s Mine Train and Slinky Dog Dash, as far as the more ‘thriller’ rides go (I’m a huge coward so I don’t really even consider Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and ‘Expedition Everest’).

When I went in 2019 I bought tickets to Mickey’s Boo Bash and have bought another one for this year and here’s why:

  1. You get to stay until 12:30am
  2. You don’t need a park hopper or to pay to enter into the park
  3. Everyone is distracted

And 3 is the main reason I go. I got into Be Our Guest because of #3. Everyone was so obsessed with being a part of the festivities that I was able to get a reservation there. We got to ride Snow White’s Mine Train when every other day it was impossible. We got onto Haunted Mansion with no wait because everyone was too busy looking at Fireworks—although in honesty I will admit there’s nothing special. The line was hours long because it’s the ‘scary’ ride and it was the Halloween party. However if you go during the fireworks the Cast Members won’t put on a performance. However, if you go when it starts they put on a whole performance. Tip: If you go to Pirates of the Caribbean they will also put on a show for you. You have to go at the beginning of the Bash, or at least that’s what we did and they had a whole amazing performance. I’m still cursed to-this-day.

The beauty here is that if you’re not a fan you won’t care about trick-or-treating, or the parade, or any of the live events. Instead, you can go for the more coveted rides that will have a significantly less line.

Food and Wine Festival


Sanaa / Boma / Jiko

While my friends will insist you eat at a character breakfast I have an alternative: ___. From my extensive research the top listed best eats in Disney are at Animal Kingdom lodge.

Staying at the Art of Animation

When I was planning my stay my Disney friends stated that the lower budgeted Disney resorts are a bit ‘hokey’. My boyfriend and I disagree. We consider it ‘submersive’. Having a Nemo-themed pool, or a Fantasia-themed pool while you stay in Ariel’s room sounds like the exact way I want to spend my vacation. I don’t want to stay in Disney only to go back to a room that looks like the most basic thing.

Now this entirely rides on if your friends want majorly focus their time on Epcot. If not I’d suggest Animal Kingdom Lodge if they’re more into the restaurants listed above.

But imagine: You take a sky gondola to Epcot to get some eat and drinks and then you get tired. You sky gondala back to your room, take a nap, and do it all over again at night.

Monorail Bar Crawl

At this point you may be noticing I am gearing this towards eating/drinking. That is because my specific friends I am writing this for are huge into both.

Polynesian Resort Fireworks

There are a lot of alternatives to seeing the fireworks. Most Disney fans want to be able to see the castle up close so they can see all of the projections. But if you’re not a fan why would you put yourself dead-center of all of those people? Easy, you don’t.

Instead why not make a reservation at

Disney Springs


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